ARK Artists:

Grace Rigby:

Grace Rigby is a contemporary textile designer.
Grace uses her skills in sewing and applique to make a range of fun and functional products from colourful scented pillows, unique and quirky bags, make-up bags and coin purses, fabric boxes and fun brooches. Grace’s creations are fuelled by a passion for beautiful fabrics with interesting patterns and an obsession with colour.

Pretty buttons, ribbons and trims feature in the compostion of Grace’s work alongside embroidered birds, butterflies, flowers and charming houses. Grace takes her inspiration from her garden and the beauty of the county of Cumbria (UK), particlarly the rural homes and houses which have been a source of interest and fascination since she was a young girl.


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Karen West Music & Event Management:

Karen West is a professional musician and music teacher.

Based in Warcop, and working across The Eden Valley and the South Lakes Area, Karen specialises in the delivery of specially tailored music lessons, events and projects, personal to the individual student, group or educational institution.

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Becca Fielding:

Born and bred in Cumbria, Becca has had a fascination for drawing human and animal forms from a very early age. After studying three-dimensional design at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Becca now concentrates on watercolour and ink paintings of hares and Herdwick sheep.

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Natty Maid:

The Natty Maid Studio is located in the town of Alloa, at the foot of the Ochil Hills in Scotland, where printmaker Mandy Tait creates a range of stunning imagery using printmaking techniques such as Collagraph, Linocut and Screenprint.

Mandy is inspired by pattern and ornament that can be found just about anywhere, from decorative ceiling mouldings to Shetland Lace. Whatever the subject matter of her piece, her incorporation of motifs and repeats to exaggerate shape and form, result in designs with a strong Nordic flavour, harking back to her childhood in the Shetland Islands.

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Alice Underwood – Sheepfold:

Sheepfold is a Cumbrian craft company specialising in British sheep breeds and British wool, as used in all their kits.

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Alan Roberts Photography:

Alan has had a passionate interest with photography for over 30 years. His move to Cumbria 10 years ago has allowed him so much more freedom of expression in his work. He obtained a Diploma in Professional Photography two years ago which is helping him to pursue his dream.

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Emma Rose Goat Soap:

Emma Rose Goat Soap is a small family business, which is a part of F&R Farms LTD. They milk goats on the farm and use the milk to make soap which is beneficial to all skin types, young and old. The soap is good for everyday use and also helps ease the symptoms of Dry Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne. They even have an added bonus which was found by pure accident, stubborn Biro pen marks on little hands can easily be removed with the soap.

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Deborah Windsor Fierkens:

Deborah Windsor Fierkens started painting from a young age, with influence from her mother; who was also interested in the world of art; Deborah decided she wanted to build a career in art and design focussing on painting as her foremost and preferred medium.



Anna Warburton (Woodstock)

Anna Warburton makes a range of items using locally sourced greenwood, she often uses wood that has been blown down as storm damage or the waste left over from laying hedges.   Anna’s products range from small teaspoons, candle sticks and small bowls to side tables, stools and throne-like chairs.    Each item is hand-made, unique and quirky so no two are exactly the same.  She is also able to make pieces using wood from your own garden – please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Sarah Bibet (Fused Glass)

A range of fused glass designs filled with bright creatures.



Emily Holmes (Cards and Prints)



Denise Edwards Upcycling



Mary Anne Sadler Jewellry